-How many pictures do we get?

Well this all depends. The booth prints 2 prints for every round. This means you can have your guests take both of the prints from their round in the booth, or they can take one and leave one with the attendant who will save and package them all for you to take home at the end of your event. That being said your guests also get an unlimited amount of rounds in the booth. So they can really walk away with as many prints as they can get.  We also post all of the photos onto an online proof gallery where anyone can order duplicates after the event.

-How much space do we need for the booth?

We like to have a space that's roughly 10' X 6' with a little bit of wiggle room. We like to have this space so that your guests are comfortable. Remember, there will most likely be plenty of people in line for the booth.

-Do you provide props?

No, we don't provide props. We like to give people a blank canvas so they can be as creative as they want! However, if you would like to bring props, we will gladly lay them out for your guests to use.

-Do you have insurance?

Sure do! If your venue asks for our insurance information, we will be more than happy to forward on that information to them.

-Do you require anything for the booth?

We require a grounded outlet, and a small table. The table doesn't have to be larger than a simple end table.

-Can you do a custom graphic for the prints?

Yes! Your prints will be more personal with a custom graphic. In fact we encourage you to send us a graphic or logo for your event. If you don't have one we would be more than happy to put something together for you.

-How much time do you need to set-up?

We require about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to set up. This allows us a reasonable amount of time before your guests start taking pictures.